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Name:Viole(n)t Cat
The owner of this account:
- is far from being fluent in English, as you can see (but she still learns and accepts criticism of her grammar, spelling, punctuation, etcetera)
- loves cats
- has weird sense of humour (please consider this a warning)
- does not intend to write any personal stuff here (probably only sporkings of Polish badfiction)
- tends to get sarcastic, but apparently does something wrong, because usually most people don't notice that
- writes (original fiction and fanfiction), because she has no other choice - from the very moment she wrote the first word of her first story, she knew that writing was an inseparable part of her life
- translates fanfiction from English to Polish
- recently discovered some new joys of sporking, thanks to Guardian's Song

Interests (32):

aberforth dumbledore, albus dumbledore, ariana dumbledore, badfic - dramatic reading, badfic mockery, books, cats, elphias doge, fanfiction, foreign languages, full moon, gellert grindelwald, gellert grindelwald/albus dumbledore, grindeldore, harry potter, holmes/watson, john watson, linguistics, moon, moriarty/holmes, mycroft holmes, onesided elphias doge/albus dumbledore, professor james moriarty, ron weasley, sarcasm, sebastian moran, sheldon cooper/leonard hofstadter, sherlock holmes (richie movies), sherlock holmes (sir doyle's books), sporking, translation, writing
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